White Belt

Introduction of Software testing & SDLC


    What you will Learn?
  • Overview
  • What is testing?
  • Importance of testing
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Principles of software testing
  • What is Quality?
  • How much testing is enough?
  • Differences between Manual and Automation Testing.
  • A.What is Software Development Life Cycle
  • SDLC Process
  • Purpose of SDLC
  • B.SDLC Phases
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation or Coding
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance
  • C.SDLC Models
  • Waterfall Model
  • V Model
  • Agile Model
  • Prototype Model
  • Spiral Model


With the Help of this course you will understand Basics of Software testing. Then what is software testing, Importance of software testing. What are the roles and responsibilities of software tester? More understand about Software Development life cycle, which phase we can start testing? Learn more about SDLC phases and SDLC models like water fall model, v model, agile model, prototype model etc.

Learning outcomes are - Better understanding of basics of software testing, Grab knowledge on software testing and Concepts, Understands the Software development life cycle and SDLC models to understand process of SDLC

After every final test the student will receive a certificate of completion which will be on blockchain. All this learning gives the students an edge over others and learning it through Blocklogy eLearning Mobile App is always easy and user friendly.