Scholarship program is an authentified activity by Blocklogy Edutech Pvt. Ltd. It supports learners to get trained and certified on next generation technologies and become future ready at an affordable cost. The students will appear for this online scholarship program and will be offered scholarship according their performance based on merits. It’s a unique opportunity for every student where they can use their knowledge to earn scholarship to learn emerging technologies which further helps them to get better opportunities in career.
Once you attend our scholarship program, you will get scholarship score performance-based discount on course based on your scholarship test percentage. At any point of learning, you can also refer anyone in your network to Blocklogy through your referral code. It is a simple ‘refer a friend’ concept where using your referral code, you can invite your friends. Once your friend subscribes, you will get referral rewards which you can use for subscribing our other courses.


The complete procedure and details are mentioned below.

  • Visit Google store and install Blocklogy App.
  • Enter required details for scholarship. All field are mandatory.
  • After registering for scholarship program, you are eligible for test which will be scheduled by you as per your availability from your registration in app.
  • You will get the results after your online scholarship test and also percentage of discount on scholarship. You are not allowed to transfer the discounts to others.
  • Your scholarship amount offered as per your score will be offered up to a time period. You have to subscribe for the course within that time duration to avail benefits of scholarship offered.
  • Blocklogy Scholarship Guideline
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