White Belt

Basics of Mac OS, installation of IOS SDk (xCode) , Basic of xCode , Interface builder


In this belt you will start learning about the basis for Mac Operating system in level 1. What components used in Mac OS. Understanding about the MAC Desktop, its Finder, Menu bar, Dock, Applications, Files and Folders. DIsplay the Images of each component and its basic information which help students to understand about Mac and how to work on it. With this we also discuss the MAC OS shortcuts for Desktop, Text editing, Window management, Tab management and Desktop navigation.

In the level 2 there is Installation process of IPHONE SDK (xCode). Architecture of the iPhone Operating system and introduction of Xcode. Where students learn about the xCode basic, its features, about the workflow of xcode, text editor, navigation bar, code completion etc.

After every final test the student will receive a certificate of completion which will be on blockchain. All this learning gives the students an edge over others and learning it through Blocklogy eLearning Mobile App is always easy and user friendly.
Now in level 3 you will start learning about the User Interface builder. How the visual designs created for app. How to place button, textfield and other controls inside view.

  • Introduction of MAC OS
  • Components of MAC OS
  • The Desktop
  • The Menu Bar
  • The Dock
  • Application Folder Visuals
  • Files and file formats
  • MAC OS Shortcuts
  • Installation of iPhone SDK
  • Architecture of iPhone OS
  • Introduction of Xcode
  • Xcode features
  • Xcode workflow
  • Code Completion
  • Introduction of Interface builder