Orange Belt

Introduction to Web Security and Hacking


    What you will Learn?
  • Introduction to Burpsuite Proxy
  • Introduction to CROSS SITE SCRIPTING(XSS)
  • SQL Injection
  • Server Based Attacks
  • BeEF - Stealing Credentials/Passwords Using A Fake Login Prompt
  • Exploiting Advanced File Upload Vulnerabilities
  • Client Based Attacks
  • Server based Attacks
  • Web Services Attacks and Application Based Attacks
  • Other Activities
  • Multiple-Objective Type Questions
  • Requirements

    • Basic understanding of IoT.
    • Understanding of any one programming language is an added advantage
    • Great strong desire to Learn Networking


    With the Help of this course you will understand What is Web Security and Hacking techniques ? The process of understanding the Vulnerabilities in Website & Webservers.This Belt is designed in such a way that anyone can start learning.

    Learning outcomes are - Better understanding of Networking , Grab knowledge on Hacking Methodology, Understands the skills and tools required to become expert in Hacking techniques , Know the path of learning.

    After every final test the student will receive a certificate of completion which will be on blockchain. All this learning gives the students an edge over others and learning it through Blocklogy eLearning Mobile App is always easy and user friendly.

    Course for whom

    • This course is for novice who are not familiar with IoT.
    • Student and Professionals
    • Start Learning Ethical Hacking & IoT if you are not aware about these concepts.