Orange Belt

Introduction of Software testing & SDLC


    What you will Learn?
    Levels of Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Non Functional Testing
  • Software Testing Life Cycle
  • Requirements Analysis/Design
  • Test Planning
  • Test Cases Design
  • Test Environment setup
  • Test Execution
  • Test Closure
  • Test Metrics
  • QA & QC & Testing
    Introduction to Automation Testing
  • Introduction to Automation Testing
  • What is Automation testing?
  • What kinds of functions to automate using Automation testing tools
  • When to automate an application?
  • Simple Steps to follow in Automation testing
  • Benefits of Automation Testing
  • Advantages of Automation testing
  • Difference between automation testing and manual testing
  • Why test automation?
  • Different approaches to Automation Testing


With the Help of this course you will understand levels of testing in that you will learn functional and non-functional testing. You will understand software development life cycle, when you stop testing, how to write test cases? Learn to write Different types of test cases and defect life cycle. In this belt you also learn about introduction of automation testing, in that you will learn what is automation testing? When to do automate an application? this course is designed in such a way that anyone can start learning.

Learning outcomes are - Better understanding of levels of testing, software testing life cycle Grab basic knowledge on automation testing, Understands the skills and tools required to become expert in Software testing , Know the path of learning.

After every final test the student will receive a certificate of completion which will be on blockchain. All this learning gives the students an edge over others and learning it through Blocklogy eLearning Mobile App is always easy and user friendly.