• Work with tech lead to design and program new solutions in the whole spectrum of virtual reality related software: from user interaction, interfaces and devices to functionalities like physics and AI.
  • Rewrite existing systems as directed for increased functionality, reduced memory usage, and increased performance
  • Continuously test, debug, profile, analyze, and optimize on applicable console, PC, mobile, and Web platforms.
  • Research, Develop, and Implement current virtual reality software technologies in the industry
  • Build on current technology and implement better solutions in terms of efficiency and interaction
  • Software development of real-time 3D VR/AR User Interfaces
  • Developing and testing new tools and applications
  • Write well-commented, unit-tested code
  • Design, review, and maintain functional specifications, wireframes, etc.
  • Collaborate with clients, art team, and programming team
  • Identify, investigate, and report problems for bug tracking
  • Develop gameplay, tools, and networking logic for VR and AR applications

Key Skills:

  • Minimum 5 years of interactive 3D programming experience
  • Excellent and current programming skills in C++ and C#
  • Must have shipped at least one product developed with Unity or Unreal
  • Performance-minded development and optimization skills
  • Understanding of DirectX and/or OpenGL
  • Comfortable with 3D math and modern graphics pipeline
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work effectively on shared projects with designers, artists, testers, and other developers
  • Experience deploying to multiple platforms (Console, PC, mobile, web, etc.)
  • Demonstrated experience with VR & AR
  • Work with debugging software on specific game platforms
  • Experience building/deploying/consuming APIs from third-party vendors a plus